CodeFund Profit Tracker with NodeMCU

CodeFund is an ethical advertising platform that funds contributors of the open source ecosystem

Pastebin Proxy is my website for, well, hence the name, Pastebin Proxy. I built it to bypass the Pastebin blocks. It’s blocked in Turkey at the moment. There were no other websites like that, and I was bored, so I built it. It’s now being used by many people in Turkey and other countries. I saw CodeFund on a friend’s blog. I had no ads on my website because users didn’t like it, and I didn’t like it. But CodeFund was different, because it was not tracking the users, and it had “nice ads.” No pop-ups, false ads or stuff like that. So I decided to apply, and my website got approved. I was checking my daily CodeFund revenue sometimes, and I decided it would be easier to build an app for that. First, I created a widget to use on my computer. Widgets aren’t so cool anymore, I was bored, I had lots of NodeMCU and OLED screens laying around, so I built it, and I thought it looked very cool! Then, I posted it on Twitter tagging CodeFund, and here we are.